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everything you need to know when you or your partner are an Aries

you and your star sign - being an Aries
photo What does it mean to be born under the Star Sign Aries? Get a better understanding of your personal gifts and challenges and your key relationship issues.

March 2017 Aries Love Horoscope

The pace of love decelerates a little for you this month, Aries, as Mars, the planet of passion, leaves your Star Sign and enters slow moving Taurus, temporarily putting the brakes on your romantic zeal and ardor.

At the same time, Venus, the planet of love, turns Retrograde in your Star Sign, making it harder for you to make active changes and move on in your relationships, however impatient you may be to do so.

What’s important to know about Venus Retrograde periods is that these aren’t the best times to make any kind of new romantic commitment, and especially not a big one, such as getting married or engaged.

On the other hand, Venus Retrogrades offer a great opportunity for tying up the loose ends of old emotional connections which we know deep in our heart need to be ended but in practice are proving hard to break. 

This month, while Venus is Retrograde, spend a while re-assessing exactly where you want to go next in your love life, Aries. Don’t waste your time trying to push ahead with new romantic plans just yet. They’re unlikely to materialize until any issues arising from old relationships have been fully put to rest.

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