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April 2017 Monthly Love Horoscope


photoAre you stuck in a bad place in your love life, but don’t quite know how you got there and can’t seem to find a way out? If so, there’s a great chance this month to find your true bearings and get back on the right track!

Help is at hand courtesy of the ‘big heavy’ planets Saturn and Pluto, both of which turn Retrograde this April, giving us the opportunity to discover and heal some of the hidden causes of our current relationships problems. These planets may well have a reputation for being quite scary. But if we have the courage to face them square on, Saturn and Pluto can actually be our good friends.

Periods when Saturn is retrograding can often be incredibly frustrating. However hard we work at trying to resolve our problems, making any kind of progress seems virtually impossible and it can feel like we’re floundering in the dark.

But when retrograding Pluto also gets in on the act, it’s all change and it can seem like a light has suddenly been switched on! When retrograding, Pluto does a great job of showing us what is blocking us from moving forward, and pointing us in the right direction again.
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Retrograding Saturn and Pluto tend to operate well in tandem this month. First, from around 6th April, retrograding Saturn gives us a strong sense of discontentment with our present situation, and a burning desire to work our way through. Then, by the time retrograding Pluto follows up from around April 20th, we’re ready to listen to answers, even if some aren’t what we really want to hear!

The House position of Pluto at the time of your birth is the key to the areas of your life where hidden issues may be holding back from fulfilling your true potential. Your natal chart will give you the most personalized information, but if you don’t have access to this, your Solar Chart can be very helpful too. 
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