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Gemini February 2017 Monthly Love Horoscope


sign glyphSince its ingress last September into Libra – the sign that rules one-on-one relationships – lucky Jupiter has hopefully been bringing more love and romantic happiness to you, Gemini. However, if you feel you’ve been missing out on all this good karma, there’s a chance to do something about it when Jupiter goes Retrograde on February 5th.

Jupiter turning Retrograde in Libra signals a time to review the moral principles on which you base your relationships, keeping in mind that it’s necessary to give in order to receive. A little more emotional generosity and flexibility in the interests of goodwill and harmony may be all that’s needed now to attract more romantic good fortune into your life.

In your case, Gemini, it’s primarily about cultivating a little more consistency, carrying through on your promises and commitments, and taking the time to really listen to others feelings without contradicting or ridiculing them, even though they may make you feel a little uncomfortable,

Because all of this is quite contrary to your inborn restlessness, changing your behavior patterns may require quite a bit of effort. And this is particularly the case towards the end of the month when fiery Mars, meeting up with rebellious Uranus in Aries on February 26th, increases the risk of out-of-control behavior on everyone’s part.

However, as this is also the day of the powerful Solar Eclipse in Pisces, any personal sacrifices you make at this time for the good of your relationships could mark a vitally important new start in your love life (while also winning you a few spiritual brownie points!).