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Pisces February 2017 Monthly Love Horoscope


sign glyphFebruary kicks off with Venus, the planet of love, entering warrior mode as it leaves your Star Sign, Pisces and moves into assertive, me-first Aries. This gives a useful boost to your (inherently quite weak) fighting spirit and strengthens your resolve to stand up to tyrants and bullies trying to take advantage of you. Be aware, though, that with Venus in Aries for the next couple of months, everyone around you will be behaving more assertively too, so you’ll have to work extra hard to fight your corner.

You’ll get another big boost when the Sun makes its annual move on February 18th into your Star Sign, Pisces, regenerating your creative energy and powerfully recharging your emotional batteries. You should also find your intuitive faculties will be more active now – but so also will your tendencies towards romantic fantasies and delusions!

This month, distinguishing between what is genuine intuitive guidance and what is just wishful thinking becomes particularly important around February 26th Pisces, when the Solar Eclipse in your own Star Sign whips up a maelstrom of dangerous emotional confusion and raises the risk of getting your wires badly crossed.

At the same time, fiery Mars, meeting up with chaotic Uranus on the same day, increases the chances of rash, out-of-control behavior both on your part and the part of those around you. So better take a rain check and wait a day or two, Pisces, before acting on any dubious ‘gut instincts’ about your love life at the end of February.