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Cancer - Leo Love Compatibility



What are the chances of success of a Cancer-Leo love match? How compatible are Cancer and Leo emotionally and sexually – and what are their relationship strengths and challenges?

Certainly, there are some big differences between Cancer and Leo due to the conflicting Water-Fire combination – the former basically being quite sensitive and diffident, while the latter tends to be much more confident and buoyant. Nevertheless – probably because they're next-door neighbors in the Zodiac – consecutive Sun Signs such as Cancer and Leo are traditionally considered to have quite a good level of love compatibility and a reasonable chance of understanding each other and getting on.

There’s a surprising ability to tolerate each other’s contrasting way of going about things, and they can generally relate to one another’s weak points, which each can help the other to overcome. Leo, for example, can often sympathize with Cancer’s characteristic mood swings, bolster its self-esteem and help keep it feeling upbeat. In turn, homebody Cancer offers Leo emotional and domestic security, and the behind-the-scenes support it vitally needs in order to make its mark on the world.

In a live-in relationship, Cancer and Leo actually make a great team. Attention-seeking Leo loves a partner who will fuss over them – and who better than the motherly Crab who's always looking for someone to look after. In return the generous Lion offers love, loyalty and lavish displays of affection, which emotionally needy Cancer is only too grateful to receive.
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Despite their differences, fiercely proud Leo and tender-hearted Cancer actually have quite a lot in common emotionally. Both are very easily hurt and offended by lack of appreciation, sleights and criticisms – in Cancer’s case because it’s terrified of rejection, in Leo’s case on account of wounded vanity. Because they’re so sensitive to each other’s vulnerabilities, Cancer and Leo are usually careful to tread very sensitively around each other. It’s rare for a Cancer-Leo couple to intentionally cause one another pain.

Cancer and Leo are quite unalike, however, in how they react under adversity. While fiery Leo makes a big song and dance about any kind of blows to its (rather large) ego, and tends to be a big drama queen, Cancer is a much more private and undemonstrative type, retreating into its shell when its feelings are hurt. Neither sign finds it easy to handle the differences in their partner’s emotional style. Leo can feel very uncomfortable with, and doesn’t know how to handle, Cancer’s moodiness, while the gentle Crab can get distraught over Leo’s noisy histrionics if it makes the mistake of taking them to heart.


Sexually these two signs may seem somewhat mis-matched initially, with the shy, retiring Crab feeling a bit overwhelmed by the passionate, self-assured Lion. But because Cancer is naturally quite sexually submissive and Leo always likes to take the lead, they complement each other perfectly. All's well until Leo gets too bossy and Cancer starts sulking – but because neither likes to see the other unhappy, their quarrels don't usually last long.


Unusually, the more stereotypical these two individuals are of their respective star signs, the better this relationship is likely to work! Here, the stark contrasts between Cancer and Leo – the one being quite self-denying and the other rather self-centered – make them perfectly suited to cooperate as partners. As long as Cancer doesn’t mind taking a back seat and allowing Leo to wear the pants in this relationship, all should go quite smoothly. But if either person isn’t true to type and is uncomfortable with these roles, there will be more challenges to face.


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