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Capricorn - Pisces Love Compatibility



What are the chances of success of a Capricorn-Pisces love match? How compatible are Capricorn and Pisces emotionally and sexually – and what are their relationship strengths and challenges?

Sun Signs which are two signs apart from each other, such as Capricorn and Pisces, are ruled by complementary elements, here Earth and Water, and for this reason are traditionally considered to get on very well in a love relationship. What makes these signs so compatible is that the two are linked by sufficient similarities to allow them to function harmoniously together, yet at the same time there are enough differences to provide an alternative perspective and create that all important spark of excitement.

In the case of Capricorn and Pisces, both signs share the same sense of loyalty and devotion to the people they love, and a willingness to give their all for them. In a live-in relationship, a similar desire to care for each other can create an enduring bond between a Capricorn-Pisces couple, with the gentle Fish providing the loving touch, while earthy Capricorn looks after the finances and most of the practical affairs.

True, Capricorn and Pisces are also quite unalike in that while Capricorn’s strong points are its practicality and realism, Pisces takes a much more imaginative and creative approach. And whereas the idealistic Fish often lacks worldly aspirations – and most of the time has its head in the clouds – the hard-working Goat is fiercely ambitious (and maybe a bit too rooted in the ground). However, because these traits balance each other well, Capricorn and Pisces potentially make a great team!
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On the face of things, Capricorn and Pisces would appear to be quite incompatible, emotionally!

Water sign Pisces is extremely sensitive, often quite psychic, and good at following its gut instincts. Earth sign Capricorn downplays emotions, tends to be rather detached and bases its judgements on cold facts and practicalities. While Pisces can’t help wearing its heart on its sleeve, the self-disciplined Goat doesn’t easily show its feelings. Hard-headed Capricorn is the biggest sceptic in the Zodiac, whereas tender-hearted Pisces is by far the most gullible.

Deep down, however, Capricorn longs for emotional closeness and tenderness just as much as any other star sign, and secretly admires its Piscean partner’s ‘magical’ ability to tune into unseen sources of creativity and guidance. In turn, with the mature and sensible Goat by its side, insecure Pisces always feels so much stronger, so much more in control, and gains so much in personal esteem and confidence.

What’s really nice here is that while Capricorn can help Pisces to ‘grow up’ a bit, Pisces brings Capricorn more in touch with its ‘inner child’. The truth is that, emotionally, a Capricorn-Pisces couple can be very good for each other.


For vulnerable Pisces – who is always looking for a lover it can rely on never to let it down – the good news is that Capricorn is one of the most sexually faithful and constant signs in the Zodiac. The Goat may not be very romantic, nor express its affections very demonstratively, but one thing it excels at is taking its love commitments very seriously.

On the other hand, Pisces, not known as the ‘slippery Fish’ without good reason, takes a more ambivalent approach to fidelity – although it’s unlikely to actually cheat on the dependable Earth sign unless it feels it’s been badly let down. Since Capricorn is probably the last sign that would ever want to let Pisces down – and since the idealistic Fish would feel incredibly guilty if it did the same thing to Capricorn – the chances of a Capricorn-Pisces couple two-timing each other are actually quite low.


Striking a balance between Capricorn’s no-nonsense practicality on the one hand, and Pisces’ intuitive, feelings-oriented approach on the other hand is the fundamental challenge of this star sign pairing.

Earthy Capricorn must realize there are situations in life which can’t be solved by commonsense alone and require more of a sensitive touch. Soft-hearted Pisces has to accept just how badly it needs Capricorn’s strongly grounding influence to stop it from drowning in its emotions, keep it healthy and sane, and protect it from being unfairly taken advantage of.

Learning from each other, absorbing some of the other’s best qualities, and adapting to whichever approach is most appropriate in a particular situation, will turn Capricorn and Pisces into a highly effective duo.


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