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Taurus - Aquarius Love Compatibility



What are the chances of success of a Taurus-Aquarius love match? How compatible are Taurus and Aquarius emotionally and sexually – and what are their relationship strengths and challenges?

Well, traditionally this combination is considered to be very difficult! When two people are born under conflicting elements – here Earth and Air – it can be hard for them to fully understand where one another are coming from, and their level of love compatibility is likely to be poor.

Tensions can arise due to their contrasting ways of looking at things – normally pragmatically and traditionally when someone has the Sun in Taurus, but much more intellectually and unconventionally in the case of an Aquarian Sun.

Some of the main issues between Taurus and Aquarius are likely to center around differences in tastes. The wacky Aquarian's unusual interests and friends can prove a source of bewilderment and embarrassment to the highly conservative Bull; in turn Aquarius – always a big social animal – may see stay-at-home Taurus as a boring party-pooper intent on cramping its style.

Because both of these "fixed" signs tend to be extremely inflexible, there’s a risk of major power struggles in the event of disagreements. To be able to function harmoniously together, each has to be more adaptable and more willing to give way. For Taurus, the big challenge is to learn from Aquarius to be more open to alternative ideas – while Taurus can teach Aquarius to be more practical and grounded.
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The emotional needs of Taurus and Aquarius couldn’t really be much more different!

What Taurus wants is security, a quiet life and a predictable daily routine. The Bull is suspicious of newfangled, radical ideas, preferring to stick to the tried and proven ways that have always served it well in the past. Aquarius, on the other hand, thrives on lots of variety and excitement, loves trying out new ways of doing things and has little respect for tradition or convention.

In relationships, Taurus is rather possessive, wanting to ‘hold on’ to those it loves, something it will find hard to achieve with Aquarius, a sign that values its freedom above everything else and will never allow itself to be ‘owned’.

These contrasting traits are intensified by the astrological ‘fixity’ of Taurus and Aquarius, which makes both signs extremely stubborn and resistant to compromise. A very strong love connection will be necessary between these two for them to be able to tolerate each others’ contrasting emotional needs.


Sexually, Taurus and Aquarius aren't particularly well matched: the steady and reliable Bull may complain that Aquarius is too unpredictable and too unwilling to commit, while to the free-spirited Aquarian, Taurus can seem rather dull and possessive.

For things to work out sexually between these two, Aquarius has to be prepared to sacrifice some of its independence, while Taurus needs to loosen up a bit and learn a few new tricks.


Striking a balance between Taurus’s old-fashioned practicality on the one hand, and Aquarius’s progressive values on the other hand is the fundamental compatibility challenge for a Taurus-Aquarius couple.

Taurus has to understand that clinging to the status quo isn’t always the best answer, and there will also be situations where Aquarius’s ‘thinking outside the box’ proves invaluable. Equally, Aquarius must realize that just because something is new or different, it’s not always better than what came before.

Learning from each other, absorbing some of the other’s best qualities, and adapting to whichever approach is most appropriate in a particular situation, will turn Taurus and Aquarius into a highly effective team.


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