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March 2017 Monthly Love Horoscope


photoThe pace of love decelerates a little this month as Mars, the planet of passion, enters slow moving Taurus, while Venus turns Retrograde, making it harder to make active changes in our love life until we have fully moved on from past relationships that have been causing us pain.

Retrogrades of Venus tend to be quite significant because Venus retrogrades less frequently than others planets (and in fact only once about every 18 months).

What’s important to know about Venus Retrograde periods is that these aren’t the best times to make any kind of new romantic commitment, and especially not a big one, such as getting married or engaged.

On the other hand, Venus Retrogrades offer a great opportunity for tying up the loose ends of old emotional connections which we know deep in our hearts need to be ended but in practice are proving hard to break.

This March, while Venus is Retrograde, don’t waste your time trying to push ahead with new romantic plans just yet. They’re unlikely to materialize until any issues arising from old relationships have been fully put to rest.
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There’s a strong karmic theme to Retrograding Venus in that if there’s unfinished business or outstanding karma in a relationship that we haven’t yet confronted, this is a time that offers us a great chance to do so.

Are you having problems breaking your attachment to a former crush or lover with whom you are a little obsessed? Is there someone who has hurt you in the past you’re still finding very hard to forgive? Or are you weighed down by feelings of guilt and indebtedness towards someone from whom you took a lot without giving much in return? These are the kind of karmic issues you may need to be looking at now.

Be sure to take full advantage of the helpful Venus/Mercury conjunction on 8th March to talk through any difficult or uncomfortable topics in your relationships. Venus adds grace and civility to all matters of communication now, while clear-thinking Mercury makes it easier to put your feelings into words.

What if the person you really need to thrash things through with is no longer around? Well, just imagine you have them right there in front of you and simply say out loud what needs to be said. Or alternatively write them an imaginary letter pouring out everything on your mind. You may find it has an extraordinarily powerful effect!

The last chance this month to work off some hard relationship karma falls on 30th March, when the first of this year’s two challenging Jupiter/Pluto Squares may force us to confront a difficult moral dilemma.

How far will we go now to uphold our principles and beliefs, even at the risk of hurting the people who love us the most? How flexible can we be in our moral values in the interests of preserving the wellbeing of our relationships? These are the questions we’ll be asking ourselves now – and our answers could have a huge bearing on our romantic future. 
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