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Aries May 2017 Monthly Love Horoscope


sign glyphBe careful what you say and how you say it this month, Aries! On 3rd May Mercury starts moving forwards again in your own Star Sign, reinvigorating your natural directness and assertiveness. Then a few days later, on May 9th, it meets up with outrageous Uranus, making you even more outspoken than ever!

This month the good news is that now Mercury’s Retrograde period has ended, the risk of verbal misunderstandings is finally over and people will unequivocally ‘get’ what you’re trying to say. So no more irritating communication crossed wires!

The bad news is that when you’ve rashly blurted out something you subsequently wish you could take back (not a rare occurrence for you Aries!), this time there’s no possibility of pretending you ‘didn’t really mean it’. This is a potentially damaging transit that could wreck a happy relationship in the space of one day!

Later in the month, on May 25th, watch out for the New Moon in playful Gemini which happens to coincide with a potentially highly dangerous Venus-Pluto square. The risk here is that what starts off as a light-hearted flirtation could lure you into unsuspectedly deep and dark waters. Venus-Pluto is the aspect of fatal attractions, so think carefully before you take an impulsive leap into the unknown!